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We are closed on all bank holidays.


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ABC Nursery is graded GOOD.

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They inspect and regulate services that care for children.

Ofsted inspect our settings and carry out regulatory visits to ensure that we provide effective support to children through the EYFS and deliver the aims of the framework. Following an inspection of a setting, the setting receives a grade and full report.

Parent Partnership

Overall This provision is good
Full report, 2018 Read

• Children are happy and settled at the nursery. Staff know the children well and plan purposefully for them by offering a variety of activities to help support their ongoing learning.

• All children make good progress in their learning and development. Staff observe and track children’s development well to build on what children know and can do.

• Staff support children’s self-esteem and behaviour well. For example, they encourage children to share and take turns well and offer consistent praise in all achievements.

• Communication with parents is good. For example, parents receive regular verbal feedback from staff about how their children are progressing, and are offered their children’s learning records to add in their observations from home.

• Strong recruitment, induction and ongoing appraisal programmes are in place to ensure all staff working with children are suitable and capable within their roles.

• Self-evaluation methods are strong in allowing the management team to identify and advance areas for development to provide consistently good-quality care for children.

We recognise the importance of a parent partnership therefore we endeavour to build the best relationships to guarantee excellent two-way communication to ensure our standard of service remains high.

Parents are consulted on all issues that affect the welfare, well-being, learning and development of their children. We ensure that a child’s Key Worker shares information about their care and development on a regular basis. In addition our management are always available.

As well as our personal approach we provide a detailed online parent portal and weekly parentmail to ensure parents remain up-to-date.

The first few weeks when a child is settling into ABC Nursery is a time of crucial importance to their later happiness in the setting. All children are individuals and while some children will adjust fairly easily to the new environment and new routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure.

Sometimes we can overestimate a child’s ability to cope with transitions and settle in and happily substitute a group of unfamiliar adults and children for their parents.

The lure of the toys doesn’t always compensate! The experience can be overwhelming for some children especially if they have not had experience of another form of care outside of the family.

As parents and as early years practitioners, we can take steps to ensure that the transition into the early years setting goes as smoothly as possible. Research shows that when the settling in period is positive for the child, it can not only impact on their happiness throughout their time at the early years setting but also on how the child views future transitions both within the setting and eventually to primary school.

Children who have a positive start to their new environment are more likely to feel comfortable, relaxed and valued, feel good about themselves and have a sense of belonging to the pre-school community. Most children settle in without too many concerns but there are some children who need more time to develop trust.

Once a child has a place confirmed, the Manager and Key Worker will arrange a number of settling in sessions to ensure that the child has a smooth transition into nursery life.

The Early Years Foundation Stage sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.

Your child will mostly be taught through games and play.

The areas of learning are:

– communication and language
– physical development
– personal, social and emotional development
– literacy
– mathematics
– understanding the world
– expressive arts and design

Every child is supported with a learning experience planned from the child’s starting point, their activities are challenging yet achievable so that they can continue to enjoy learning.

Your child’s Key Worker will be sensitive to the individual development of your child to ensure that the activities they undertake are suitable for the stage that they have reached.

Practitioners will therefore complete on-going observational assessment in their Learning Journeys each month to inform planning for each child’s continuing development through play-based activities. The records are shared with parents regularly and include parental involvement at every stage.

Before a child is admitted to the setting we will obtain information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that a child may have, and any special health requirements.

We have suitable facilities for the hygienic preparation of food for children, including suitable sterilisation equipment for babies’ food. Our freshly cooked onsite meals, snacks and drinks are healthy, balanced and nutritious. Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

All our staff receive training in food hygiene.

KIDACTIVE Holiday Club at St Andrews Primary School, Headington [next to Coop] offers primary aged (4-11) children a sociable experience with a wide range of choices to keep them engaged throughout the school holidays. They operate all school holidays between 815am and 615pm. For more details click here


To secure a childcare place you will be required to make payment as follows: – For agreed childcare starting within one month the first month’s invoice will be due in full. To secure childcare beyond one month a £75 deposit is required to go onto our waiting list. This will reserve your child’s space without a guaranteed start date (your desired start date will be noted however we are not required to meet it and places will be offered based on availability). The deposit does not go towards childcare fees. All payments made are non-refundable should you cancel. 

When you child is eligible for a funded place you will be required to sign related terms and conditions which also set out our wrap around fees relating to services used outside that of the free entitlement hours.

Day swaps are not available however extra sessions outside that of core bookings are available and can be obtained on an ad-hoc basis. These are booked directly with the Manager in advance of the requested date. Sessions are subject to availability.

All fees are charged monthly in advance of childcare and must be paid within the stated time frame by either; Cash, Direct Debit, Childcare Voucher or Tax Free Childcare for the month to which they relate. Late payments is subject to a surcharge of £10.00 per 24 hours to cover administration costs. To avoid this we ask that payments are made timely. If you have financial difficulty in settling an invoice please bring this to the Managers’ attention at the earliest possibility.

Our childcare fees are reviewed annually. Prior to an increase we will give at least 6 weeks notice.

Fees are payable during all periods of your child’s absence where childcare has been agreed. This is not an exclusive list however examples of absences include sickness (inc. COVID-19 related), inset days, family holidays and public and bank holidays.

If you are expected to arrive later than the agreed collection time we ask that you make us aware by calling the setting ahead so that we can make necessary childcare/staff arrangements. Late collection charges are applied at £10.00 per 15 minutes. Payment is required by either Cash or BACS within 24 hours of a late collection.

We require 6 weeks’ notice by email, to cancel or reduce agreed childcare sessions. If you are taking up a funded only place under the EYFE (Early Years Free Entitlement) you are not required to give any notice.

The following factors may force an urgent closure of ABC Nursery. In such cases parents/guardians will still be liable for fees incurred during the period of our closure –
• Severe weather
• Community power cut
• Act of terrorism.

The parent/guardian that registers the ABC Nursery portal must (a) have parental responsibility of the child/ren; (b) is responsible to keep all information on themselves, their child/ren and any third party carer up-to-date; and (c) required to inform management of any future changes to information.

By registering an ABC Nursery portal you are agreeing to receiving our communication via emails, sms, telephone and/or post.